Sunday, 18 December 2011

Actividades para las vacaciones.

Hola a todos de nuevo!

Ya estamos en la recta final del primer trimestre y ya llega ese merecido descanso navideño.
Para que podáis practicar inglés con vuestros hijos de una forma divertida, os recomiendo esta página web.

Parece que sólo funciona con Mozilla Firefox y hay actividades para todos los niveles de Infantil y Primaria.

Aprovecho para desearos una Feliz Navidad y lo mejor para el Nuevo Año 2012!

Sunday, 16 October 2011


We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the week. We've all learned lots of new things.
Hopefully we can all visit FARM CAMP again in the future.

We waited for the bus to bring us back to Salesianos.

We have lunch at 13.30.

We said bye bye to the goats.

Our last English class.

Time to pack!

Milking a cow.

Today is Friday the 134th of October, 2011

Today is our last day in FARM CAMP.

It has been a long day...

We brush our teeth and go to bed! WE ARE SOOO TIRED!

we also received our certificates.

We had a disco.

After dinner

Today is our last night. We had a talent show

Thursday, 13 October 2011

After snack time!

After snack time we played a game....

The monitors explain the game!

Wee have our faces painted different colours depending on the team: blue or pink.

We go to the forest to play the game.

It was great fun!

Visit to Don Bosco house